Since 1998, the company A. LOUIZOS SA expanded its activities in land development as well, undertaking the building of blocks of flats, as well as summer and town residences, all ready-to-occupy.

Competitive Advantage

Know-how and experience have given our company the first place in the competitive field of quality house-planning and construction work with long-term perspectives.

Our policy constitutes in satisfactory customer service, high-quality materials and construction work, as well as consistency in delivery time.

Building a summer or town residence is perhaps one of the most considerable buying investments. It is influenced by factors such as the company’s reliability, the construction cost, the technical specifications applied and the services provided. It is such factors that our company is founded upon.

Specialised construction teams realise the plans developed by experienced civil engineers, after careful consideration of your own preferences.

The construction is undertaken promptly, consistently, methodically and always under constant supervision.

Our customer service is not limited to construction work alone. We provide you with help in any possible problem that might come up.

Once you decide to visit Samos and see the building sites or the plans of your choice, we can help you to find accommodation, rent a car or arrange for a taxi to pick you up at the airport.

If you do not speak Greek or English, we will arrange for an interpreter to be present at our meetings.

We personally will guide you through the relevant property and the surrounding areas.

Should you want to open a bank account in Samos, we will provide you with information about the existing banks, while, if it is deemed necessary, we can accompany you there and help with your transactions.

We will give you thorough guidance about the local lawyer, notary or accountant, and we will accompany you to their office for dispatching the relevant matters.

We guarantee our customers

Fixed Budget
Low construction cost
Consistency in construction & delivery time
Excellent construction quality