Our customer service is not limited to construction work alone. We provide you with help in any possible problem that might come up.

Once you decide to visit Samos and see the building sites or the plans of your choice, we can help you to find accommodation, rent a car or arrange for a taxi to pick you up at the airport.

If you do not speak Greek or English, we will arrange for an interpreter to be present at our Meetings. We personally will guide you through the relevant property and the surrounding areas.

Should you want to open a bank account in Samos, we will provide you with information about the existing banks, while, if it is deemed necessary, we can accompany you there and help with your Transactions. We will give you thorough guidance about the local lawyer, notary or accountant, and we will accompany you to their office for dispatching the relevant matters.

Why do you need a lawyer and how can we help you?
The legal consequences from mistakes or omissions during the buying or planning to build process can cause you some major headaches.
We support you in real estate transactions as well as in project development, during the construction and utilisation phases and in home ownership legal questions.

We can help you with your Golden Visa Programme


Golden Visa Programme

The Law “Creation of a Development Friendly Environment for Strategic and Private Investments” (4146/2013) of the Ministry for Development, Competitiveness, Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, facilitates the residence of investors in Greece through the granting of residence permits for executives of Strategic Investment Projects. In addition, third-country citizens (non-EU citizens) and their family members, who buy property in Greece, the value of which exceeds €250,000, may obtain residence Permits. Read more about it here

Pool maintenance services

Your pool needs regular maintenance. Samos Estate will take care of routine cleaning, the replenishment of chemicals and regular checking for leaks. This service is carried out twice a week in the summer and once a week during winter.

Keeping your pool clean may be a pool owner’s most important responsibility. A dirty pool doesn’t just make for unpleasant swimming; if a pool gets dirty enough, it can damage vinyl pool liners and clog pumps and filters.

But don’t fret — swimming pool maintenance isn’t an impossible task, not for us! We make all the service for you, so you can just enjoy your vacations!

Oven/Grill Cleaning Service
Refrigerator Cleaning Service
Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning Service
Wood Floor Cleaning Service
Tile Floor Cleaning Service
Concrete Floor Cleaning Service
Wall Cleaning Service
Chandelier Cleaning
Light Fixtures
Mirrored Walls
Garage Cleaning Service
Vacuum Mattresses
Vacuum Draperies
Wood Paneling Cleaning Service
Window Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Same Day Service
Garage Cleaning
Spring / Fall Cleaning

Garden maintenance with efficiency

The growing season in Greece lasts all year. So if your property has its own garden and effective watering system, weekly visits by a professional gardener are essential.
As you would with your home, your garden/property requires due care and attention to ensure it remains looking its best all year round.

Not only for the Asthetic side, but also for safety it is very important to maintain your garden/property clear.

In Greece, repeated brush fires have caused entire loss of the soil/houses…. on large areas. Keep your property clean keep also your house safe.

Constructions service and the magic happens

We help you to transform your plan in reality!!

We offer all phases of construction, our totally integrated, collaborative process identifies final costs very early on, offers very tight budget and schedule control.

We have the right tools and the right people to handle projects of all sizes. And we can provide the highest quality construction at competitive prices.

New construction
Tenant finish outs
Site Excavation
Doors & Hardware
Site Prep
Soil Retention
Windows & Glass

Renovation and repair off hour service

Time, wind and weather all take their toll on your property. We have a number of approved contractors who, under our watchful eye, undertake high quality internal and external repairs and decoration to your own specification.

With a house renovation you can really increasing property value.
If a house is too small we can help you adding square footage by building more bedrooms and bathrooms.
Need special modification?
No problem, with our experience we can repair and fix your small and big problems. From wall painting until completely renovation.

We can provide off hour service and can respond to last minute requests.

Full renovation services
Plumbing and Mechanical
Masonry & Plaster
Superior product selection and availability
Environmentally responsible products
Off-hour staffing available
Quick response time to meet your scheduling requirements

Cleaning services

We know that vacations are becoming shorter. Vacation time is a time to relax and enjoy your family, you don’t want to lost days because you have to clean and organize your house.

Our cleaning service is the perfect solution, our team with watchful eyes keep your house clean. Do you have special requirement?
No problem, we are very flexible.